If you've had a great business idea and you want to assess just how good it really is then you've come to the right place. The problem with sounding out a great business idea is having to tell another person all about it. After all who can you trust? More than that who can you trust not to start griping and giving you negative feedback, deflating your confidence?

This is where the Business Idea Assessment System comes in. Our unique assessment mechanism means you can get positive, constructive feedback straightaway without having to tell anybody anything about your actual idea. Our specially designed psychological question tree means you can give us the abstract parameters of your idea without the secret details and our automated system will immediately give you an assessment report.

How can we possibly assess an idea without knowing what it is? We've identified a complex pattern of underlying themes, personal situational factors and algebraic financial relationships which give a statistically significant indication of whether an idea in development is likely to come to fruition. There is no need to provide us with any identifiable personal information or idea specific data - just answer the series of questions which start below.

It is extremely important that you give as honest answers as you possibly can to obtain an accurate assessment.

Assessment System
Question 1: What were you doing when you first thought of the idea?